Updates and News of Dolmaris collies

Closing the year 2011:

We had several opportunities to practice herding at Swedu's herding school - it was fun! Luckily enough Dolmaris Suzan Light have the same strong instinct to herd as her mother Oona. Pictures can be seen here. Suza also attended couple of shows and was placed 2nd 'excellent' in junior class.

Dolmaris Nette Noobel and her offspring were active at dog shows: Neetta got 2xCC and 2xBOB (judges:Paavo Mattila and Dina Korna), her daughter Dolmaris Rosemerta BestBitch3rd, CQ, 'excellent' and son Dolmaris Rhadruin BestDog4th, CQ, 'excellent' while D.Rhiannon, still time to mature ;-), 'very good'. Most importantly, all the same three R-puppies were hip and elbow scored healthy. My greatest thanks belong to Jaana and the owners!

The siblings Dolmaris Oropharme and Dolmaris Ossin Orome were character tested in June successfully, although the judges Katri Leikola and Sami Heikkilä had a slight problem to classify their reactions to different threats- our great personalities and true offspring of Ossi and Elli! Dolmaris Ossin Orome 'Romeo' sired also his first litter born in Valkoniityn kennel.

In December, at he only day of frost this winter so far, we finally had a long time waited meet of Dolmaris collies, it was great to see the dogs and people and friends! Pictures can be seen here.

Dolmaris Nimrodel 'Trulla' had a beautiful litter of 6 - Twist And Yee Ho puppies.

10.12.2011 - New page for our co-ownership swedish import dog Carlitos Artistic Angus 'Kusti', owned by Kaire Trei and us.

9.12.2011 - Finaly some tiny updates, more coming in near future...;-)
Suza stayed at home and is a grown-up girl already, front page and dogs updated

Year 2010

In Memoriam

Dolmaris Heir of Love & Dolmaris Hocus Pocus

13.3.2001 -2010

25.02.2010 - Our puppy Suza is today 11 days old, weights 1226g and her eyes are open :-)

19.2.2010 - Trulla has a fantastic litter of 8 puppies and our Suza was born (Willy x Oona), see puppies

10.01.2010 - Some new puppy plans
New album added Winter2009/10

Walking in Porvoo with Oona (Dolmaris Oropharme)

06.12.2009 - Halloween-puppies: Dolmaris R... - 5 weeks old

8.11.2009 Walking in Sotunki:

Collies from the left: Thori,Elli,their son Rommi,Bono (Ossi+Elli)  Downmoore Dark 'N' Dusty - Thori 3,5yrs

1.11.2009 Dolmaris Nette Noobel whelped in Halloween Eve out of Lion Blend Double Scotch 'Whisky' - see puppies!

12.10.2009 Thori's third litter was born in Eurofix

September, 2009 - Herding day together with Millakes in Swedu's Herding School with Kimmo Klossner
- all Dolmaris P... puppies have met lambs now ;-) ...'Vinski' Dolmaris Pickpocket with his mum showing style

Porvoo Ch Show: Dolmaris Oropharme (Snowpaw Nightless Night x Dolmaris Laurelin) in Youth class 3rd excellent.

- Finnish Main Speciality Show in Sastamala - judge Brian Hawkins (rough collies except junior and puppy bitches)
all photos taken by Satu Havukainen (Hawkfield)

BIS veteran, Best of Breed and BIS2 our 10,5 years old granddam EE, FI CH Nyitramenti Elbereth

Dolmaris breeder class - Best of Breed and BIS2  -Heir of Love, Hocus Pocus, Heatherbell and Nette Noobel
Thank you all who helped me with handling!

16.06.2009 - Puppy meeting of Dolmaris P...  litter - three brothers 4-months old attended, thank you all for coming!

10.06.2009 - visiting Tuija and Tero and Thori's puppies (Downmoore Dark 'n' Dusty x Smart Nose Adorable Amour) :
Twist And Jai-Ho litter 4-weeks old

24.05.2009 - Finnish Speciality Show in Helsinki:

judge Gwen Beaden (Myriehewe) BIS veteran Dolmaris Heir of Love,
owned and showed by Kaarina Pesonen, Downmoore collies

BOB veteran
and BOS veteran, the mother and the son:                photo:Mari Inkiläinen
Dolmaris Heir of Love and CH Nyitramenti Elbereth

judges Joyce Skilbeck (rough bitches) and Geoff Duffield (rough males)

Dolmaris breeder class showed first time:                          photo:Jouni Issakainen
D.Oropharme (jun 4th exc), D.Ossin Orome (jun 4th exc), D.Heir of Love and D.Hocus Pocus

23.05.2009 - Helsinki INT Show, judge: Jack Bispham
CH Nyitramenti Elbereth, 10,5 years old - 2nd excellent in CH class
Downmoore Dark 'n' Dusty, - 2nd excellent in Open Class

17.05.2009 - Dolmaris Oropharme 'Oona' passed unofficial herding test in Piikkiö under Kimmo Klossner
                    Dolmaris Nette Noobel BH, well done Jaana and Neetta! - New pages for both girls
15.05.2009- Bitches page updated, some new photos added

12.05.2009 - training session for coming Speciality Show with O... puppies

having a break after training session: Oona escorted by brothers Bono and Totti

9.05.2009 - Dolmaris Nette Noobel  - 2nd Best Bitch, ResCC under Igor Selimovic,Kroatia

Thori's 2nd litter was born in Twist And !

3.05.2009 - Dolmaris Nette Noobel and Jaana competed in obedience and got ALO2. Well done, Jaana and Neetta!

31.05.2006 - 2.05.2009 Dolmaris Nimloth  - due to a snake bite our dear 'Lotta' passed away in University Animal Hospital, missed forever.

28.04.2009 - Get-together of 10,5 weeks old Dolmaris P... puppies 

13.04.2009 - Dolmaris Ossin Orome 'Romeo' debuted in show ring in Lappeenranta INT Show, resulted 4th in junior class with "excellent", judge:Jaroslav Matyas,Slovakia.
Well done, Katja, Jouni  and Romeo!

Dolmaris Ossin Orome photo:Jouni & Katja Issakainen

12.04.2009 - Happy Eastern! All our P-puppies have left to new homes...

24.03.2009 - What a weekend!
Great photosessions with Kaarina (Downmoore)  - resulting photos of 5,5 weeks old puppies

Dolmaris Oiolaire 'Roosa' debuted in junior class in  Turku INT, placed 2nd with excellent judge: Tina Permo, Sweden. Well done, Sari and Roosa!

24.12.2008 - Very sad day for us - we lost our great old friend FIN, EST Ch Dolmaris Emissar.

11.04.1995 - 24.12.2008