Historical Photos

Dew-Dolly /1977, daughter of Vesimiehen Herttua

Reval Dolmaris Cinderella/1983, daughter of Dew-Dolly

Dewger-Grendy/1982, son of of Dew-Dolly

W Vesimiehen Herttua /1972(Sandiacre Special Branch + Rea), sire of Dew-Dolly

Bririch Golden Honeysuckle (Bririch Gold Emblem+Bririch Golden Fantasy), grandgranddam to Dewger Grendy

CH Sandiacre String of Pearls, granddam to V.Herttua

FIN CH & Working CH Lairdholm Navy Star as youngster /1967; grandgrandsire of Dewger Grendy

CH Bririch Gold Emblem

FIN CH Birchwalley Barines (INT CH Sheildon Sterling from Shiel + Agetribe Jeannette) /1963, sire of Lairdholm Navy Star

INT, DK CH Sheildon Sterling from Shiel (Sheildon Marquis + Sheildon Fantasia) /1960

Fin CH, Working CH Ljan Loren (CH Sciffle Group from Shiel+ CH Lao-Ljana) /1966

Kai (INT CH Sheildon Sterling from Shiel+Bajadere av Tamar)

Fin CH Deliilan Peggi (Kai + Dina) /1970; grandgranddam of Dolmaris Cinderella

FIN CH Anthony (Kai+Bella) /1970

N CH Raoul of Rainwood (CH Ramsey of Rokeby+ Rokeby Royal Caprice); grandgrandsire of Dolmaris Cinderella

Pattingham Pheasant & Pattingham Pacemaker

CH Sandiacre Softly Softly as youngster

INT, DK, N CH Examine von Durchwald (Loyalroy of Ladypark+ CH Lottery of Ladypark) /1959

Robin Hood of Rokeby, litterbrother to CH Royal Ace of Rokeby

INT , N CH Bermarks Quilt /1973


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