Crufts 2002

All photos taken by Mari Palgi at NEC

Mr.Blake and BOB CH Phreelancer Phrosty Moon over Corydon, judges Mrs.Elsie Westwood and Mr.Jack Wigglesworth and BOS CH Samhaven Forgotten Charm(Pelido Forgotten Dreams+Treglenza Elegant Charm at Samhaven) with Mrs.Grainger

Special Puppy Dog:
1. Simmons´s Samhaven Selected for Trenley(CH Samhaven Addiction+ Samhaven Charmed Affair)
2. Skyrme´s Emryks Boyzone (CH Emryks Oh Boy+Emryks Love Charm) 3.House´s Lassina L´Amant Dore (CH Sandiacre Sacre Blue+Lassina Loves Ambition)

1st Special Yearling Dog: McDowall´s Birkmere The Advocate
(CH Lynmead Lust in the Dust+Jasand Blue Vein at Birkmere)

4th Postgraduate Dog:Maqueeba Italian Dream at Tudorlyn (PHILPIN)
(CH Pelido Italian Affair + Maqueeba Donna Daydream)

5th Graduate Dog: Moores&Geddes´s Ingledene Young Lover
(Rossavon Addicted to Love at Ingledene+CH Ingledene Penny Lover)

1st Graduate Dog: Anderton´s Karava Blue Kapello
(Fernlark Stardancer of Crownacre + Scotbak Blue Karelle at Karava)

7th Open Dog Anderton´s CH Karava Kempez

( CH Penpriory Playboy of Karava + Scotbak Blue Karelle of Karava)

5th Special Yearling Bitch: Geddes´s Ingledene Late Nite Love

(CH Lingwell Lancer + Ingledene Hold Onto Love)


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