I bought my first collie in 1977, she was brought from St.Petersburg to Tallinn as a mating price and called Dew-Dolly. Her sire, Vesimiehen Herttua was a grandson of the legendary CH Ramsey of Rokeby and her dam Desneja was a top working collie, trained and competed in obedience, defence and tracking. She was also a good brood bitch, having big litters, our Dolly had nine littermates! In 1982 Dolly had her first litter of seven puppies out of Soupen Grainger - a gorgeous shaded sable of finnish bloodlines lived in Moscow. This litter was named Dewger-G....and three of them had influence on Estonian collies - Dewger-Grendy(sire of some beautiful collies), Grecenda (Helin Kasuk, Calleca´ry started with her) and Dewger-Grelly (foundation bitch to Kasepere collies). The first Dolmaris litter of eight puppies was born in 1983 out of Caider Gingerpop (Deliilan Ceder- Vesimiehen Lollobridgeda) and Dolly. From this litter Reval Dolmaris Cinderella made history by winning the special show "The Collie Day" being only six months old. She was owned by Ingrid Hein and was her foundation bitch to Cayring collies. Dolly´s third and last litter of seven pups in 1985 out of Reval Villa Tommy consisted of several strong and healthy males, from them Dolmaris Duke-of-Reval was shown few times quite successfully and passed away being 14 years old. This was common to Dolly´s offspring.

In 1988 I purchased my first male, Fribyn Richard from Finland, Laitinen family. He was my first Champion. Richard passed away 15,5 years old, being a wonderful companion and a good sire. His offspring had influence in the former Soviet Union territory. I bred one litter from Richard's daughter Lucky Star Black Nightfly out of Rantalappia Hot Kabutsino. From Dolmaris I...  litter comes Dolmaris Imagine and Ideefix who had influence in Arhangelsk, Russia.

Then I became fascinated with blue-merle collies and bought Reval Skylit Blue Bonnet, "Bonny", (W Sunshine Blue Moonstone - W Reval Gallant Black Elivate) from Viivi Perri, Tallinn. Bonny was a great personality, always ready to play and run. Bonny’s first litter was out of FIN Ch Vesimiehen Mainoskatko - 3 bitches 2 blue-merles and 1 healthy white merle. Dolmaris Bonbon was shown couple of times successfully. She is loved and cared by Saarela family. Then Bonny was twicely mated to Fin CH JK2 Ebony of Joshren, from these litters are Dolmaris Arrah, tricolour dog shown few times and sired few litters; Dolmaris Black Ariette, tricolour bitch, 1CC and BOB; Fin,Est Ch Dolmaris Emissar, blue-merle dog, 3CC, BOB and 2BOS; Dolmaris Eirienne, tricolour bitch. In 1997 Ariette had a tricolour litter out of Kasepere Jermot, her come Dolmaris Jessica, Dolmaris Jezebel and Dolmaris Jet Black. Eirienne had a daughter in 2002, hopefully Dolmaris Katriona will continue Bonny´s blue-merle lines together with Dolmaris Ultra Bra and Skylit Mercy.

In 1999 we brought a sable bitch puppy from Nyitramenti kennels in Hungary. So it become a comeback to sables. As a puppy Meri, Nyitramenti Elbereth was a charming little girl. She gained under the age of 2 years 2CC´s and BIS puppy at the main finnish special show 1999. In 2000 Joshren Nicolai joined us from Ireland, the halfbrother to Meri. Tim is a true heartbreaker, he lives nowadays in Nieminen family. In 2002 Nyitramenti Elbereth passed the Finnish character test and  became Fin, Est Ch. Thank you very much for this charming princess, Jelena and Janos! Meri gave us two wonderful litters of sables, Dolmaris H... and Dolmaris L..., at home stayed Dolmaris Laurelin, Ellie.




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