Dolmaris collies were established  in 1982 in Estonia.
  The first litter was born in 1981. We keep limited number of collies as all our collies are also family dogs and accompany us where ever we go. The same holds true for breeding: we have litters occasionally. Our family -  our three sons and my husband Jaan plus collies - lives nowadays in Finland, Helsinki. I also have trained my collies for obedience, search and agility just for fun. My goal is to breed sound, smart and healthy collies according to the breed standard. I prefer the active and lively type of collie character, easily learning and eagerly doing the job asked for. For character breeding I use my own observations and practice as well as the results of (Finnish) character test. After the overall soundness the true collie should have the typical expression and head quality.
     I am also the F.C.I international championship show judge for Rough and Smooth Collie, Bordercollie, Shetland Sheepdog, Old English Sheepdog, Bouvier des Ardennes and Dobermann. You can find links to some other British Sheepdog pages and to some Dobermannīs, too.

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